Stones. They are everywhere. Stumbling stones, stepping stones, stones for throwing, stones for piling. In the bible, stones are used for remembering. This is a place for me to pile my own rough stones of remembering along the road I am traveling, one post at a time. They are more than mere words thrown out into the wake of my path. They are a concrete testament of God's faithfulness, provision and goodness along the way.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Certain of... God

"God speaks in the language you know best— not through your ears, but through your circumstances. God has to destroy our determined confidence in our own convictions. We say, “I know that this is what I should do” — and suddenly the voice of God speaks in a way that overwhelms us by revealing the depths of our ignorance." 
These words by Oswald Chambers hit me right in the feelers this morning. In that gently convicting way that He has, God had already been peeling back layers of my heart to reveal that I do this All. The. Time. And if I am going to get wise I need to Stop. Doing. That.
Here I stand, just over the surprise that there is a switchback in our road that we had not foreseen. Here I stand, having learned enough by this time to gather my bearings relatively quickly (comparatively speaking), lean into the curve and look ahead with expectation to what lies around the bend.  Here I stand, not quite wise enough to stop myself from trying to mentally map out where this is all going and establish a detailed itinerary and ETA for final destination.
Decent pass on the first part of the assignment, miserable fail on the second. I love details, I love planning, dreaming, executing, checking off neat little boxes. Unfortunately those qualities aren't in the least bit compatible with a life of "trust and obey". 
I pray this time I will learn the important difference between expectancy and certainty. I pray this time I will keep my feet moving, but my mind at rest; abandoned to God, engaged in the next step, certain only in He who leads and the knowledge that the journey will be worth every step.